Did you know?

Maxwell Farms produce and sell over 10 thousand tonnes of vegetables every year!
About Maxwell Farms

harvesting_carrotsMaxwell Farms are a family owned and run farming business specialising in the production and packing of quality vegetables for the wholesale and retail markets in the UK and Europe. 

In 1947, the late Ralph Fotheringham Maxwell, left his native homeland of Stronsay in the Orkney Isles to buy a farm and settle on the mainland.  Since then the Maxwell Family continue to farm near Turriff, Aberdeenshire in the heart of North-East Scotland.  

This family owned/operated farming business is now run by Ralph’s sons Peter and Graham Maxwell, both Directors in Maxwell Farms Limited, which was established in 1995. The company focuses primarily on growing carrots, swede and beetroot for the retail, wholesale and processing markets, in the United Kingdom and Europe, as well  growing seed potatoes, and both spring and winter cereals.

Farm Manager Gary Jamieson, joined the company in 2003, he is responsible for the day to running of the business, and is ably supported by our dedicated and experienced team of staff.  Gary’s experience, knowledge, and dedication earned him, the team and the company, the “M & S Future in Farming Award 2012”.

Our passion is to continually strive to grow quality crops, review our growing methods, maximise outputs, and protect our environment, as well as fundamentally meet the needs and requirements of all our discerning customers.

The climate in this area of Scotland provides the ideal growing conditions for vegetables, taking full advantage of the cooler climate and long daylight hours throughout the summer.

Our aim is to grow what the customer/market requires, for us that is a quality crop, grown in the most environmentally friendly and efficient manner, without compromising its quality, or shelf life.