Did you know?

Organic produce contains up to 3 times more Vitamin C than conventionally grown varieties
Wholesalers and Buyers information

custom_packing Maxwell Farms are an all-year round supplier of both conventionally grown produce.  As specialist growers and packers, we provide quality products using optimum growing, harvesting and distribution methods and processes.  With around 6,000 tonnes of swede and 6,000 tonnes of carrots sold per year, we're one of the largest suppliers in the UK. Our carrot line has now been upgraded and a new polisher fully installed.

As a Maxwell Farms customer you'll benefit from our long experience in the farming business, dealing directly with a highly qualified, dedicated team of managers and staff rather than through sales people who may have little or no background or experience. 

We know our customers need the best quality products without having to sacrifice value for money.  We operate to the highest standards, building trust and sustaining our credibility through our ability to adapt processes to suit the varying needs of our customers and their markets.